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Hi I have a couple of laptops on my home network and yesterday one of them stopped connecting to the internet. I was having some trouble with my sound cards and when I tried to automatically update the drivers my network connection cut out and now I cant get it to work correctly. All of the other laptops work fine.

So initially I thought it was malware so I ran hijack this but i didnt see anything suspicious. I can see in ipconfig /all that the ip address subnet and default gateway are correct and I have the same DNS servers as the laptops that work fine. I can ping my router and the DNS server but not any of the laptops on my network or any external IP address.

So far Ive ran virius scans and malware scans which turned up nothing and Ive ran winsockfix but no joy
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  1. Download the drivers and put them on a USB stick or something, then transfer them over. You may want to reboot in a safe mode and uninstall the drivers that way, if you want to be sure there's no configuration issue.
  2. Ya ive done that already and no still no joy.
  3. Try running a system file check. You might also try deleting all your old network configurations, it's possible one of them got garbled somehow.
  4. Thanks just running the system scan there now. I already flushed all my cached configs and network connections but id didnt make a difference.

    Whats driving me bananas is that all of the config looks spot on and I can ping the same DNS servers that my other pcs are connected to but thats as far as it goes where as the others can connect fine!
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