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Need help deciding on an upgrade (hope I'm in the right forum)

First off, this site has helped me soooo much in the passed couple months! So thanks for that!

Long story short, I've bought multiple parts and need to stop at some point... lol PC has been a new and very expensive habit! Lol Well, I would like to know what part to upgrade: CPU or GPU. I will not go out of my budget of $230US dollars so please keep that in mind. I don't like MIR since they take too long.

Options: AMD FX-3450 ~$220 on eBay (new) or an EVGA GTX 660 OC edition for ~$230

I'm aiming for future proofing and play demanding games (GTAIV, Metro 2033, Far Cry 3, etc). I will buy the other within a few months but in a "as of now" thought frame, which would be the more logical upgrade to tide me over?

MSI 890GXM-G65
2x4gb Corsair XMS3 1600
Phenom II X6 1055t @3.8GHz
Sparkle GTX 560ti @1.15v/1024clock/2200MHz men
Diablotek 600w (not the best but does the job so please don't say to upgrade)
Windows 7 x86 (64bit) Home Premium.

Thanks guys/gals!

Edit: I meant the FX-8350
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    Neither is a massive upgrade over your current setup but the GTX660 would be better since you have a X6 at 3.8GHz.
  2. Thanks for the straight forward answer! I was thinking the same thing since I'm game quite a bit on my system! I will eventually add a 2nd 660 in there but that requires a better PSU as well.

    Next question, should I keep the x6 and just do the 660 now then a 2nd in a few months in replacement of the 8350?
  3. I would skip the FX with a X6 running that fast.
  4. I say replace the 8350 with a 2nd GPU since most games don't utilize 4 cores well anyway. My thinking is, a 6 core should be good for another year or 2 before I actually need to get an 8 core. If I eventually do a full build, I'll do Intel but until I can just "waste" $1000+, I'm sticking to upgrading my current AMD rig...
  5. Makes sense two 660's is still going to be powerful when you upgrade platform.
  6. Sweet... I didn't know that was a high OC... Thanks again! Bad thing about PC gaming is I feel like I always want more. With consoles, you get what you get but with PCs, if its not good enough... just upgrade it!!! Lol
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  8. Thanks bud! Best answer selected! You've helped me plenty!
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