8 pin power supply cable for Nvidia 690

I currently have this power supply:


I am considering purchasing an Nvidia geforce 690, however I do not believe I have two 8 pin power cables.

Maybe I am over-thinking this, but I can simply just buy two 8 pin cables for my Power Supply, yes?
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  1. yes you do have 4 6+2 power conectors, you just have to use the 6 pin connector plus those extra 2 that normally stay hanging out .
  2. You're fine.
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Bought the card. Runs great!!! Completely devours everything I throw at it. I am currently running Skyrim at Max settings, ugrids 7, with over 5 gigs of HD dlc, and a plethora of other mods...steady 60 fps, even in the "Rift" where most players complain about drastic fps drops.
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