A6 5400k or a8 3870k or pentiium g870 for gaming

Which one of these are best for gaming?
(I mostly play Minecraft and Battlefield 3)
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  1. It would help if you said what the rest of the system is going to be. The A6 is a big no no, AMD may say it's 2 cores but in reality it's a 1 and a half core, won't go into details with it.

    If you're using a graphics card then get the pentium, at that clockspeed (3.1ghz) it's easily faster than the A8 in games with a seperate graphics card. The Pentium's integrated GPU is crap.

    If you're NOT using a seperate graphics card and will be using the integrated GPU then go for the A8, but if you can go for the A10 as that has a better GPU on it.
  2. unless you plan on gamin on 800x600 then both A chips are out of the picture because you'll need an add-in gpu so you might as well start with decent cpu.
    Multiplayer BF3 really likes quad cores so if you cant afford an i5 then at least get an FX4300
  3. What about the fx 4100 or 6100
  4. Or any other good budget cpu's?
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