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I hope this is the right forum to post this question - apologies if not. I recently swapped a geforce card for a fanless radeon (for my HTPC), and I am now randomly getting no video display on startup. I swapped the cards back but it happens with both of them. I'd say that 25% of the time it starts up normally and I get the BIOS loading information and then Windows boots. Once it is running normally, I can normally restart, or shutdown and start again within a few minutes, without a problem. If I shut down overnight, however, and don't change a thing, I usually get no video display next time I start it. This happens the same with both cards.

The geforce card has a fan and it spins every time I power up the pc, regardless of whether or not I get a display, so I know the card is getting power. I also get the same results using a HDMI cable to my TV, a DVI to a monitor, or a VGA to a monitor. I'm guessing its a motherboard problem, partly because the tab that is supposed to hold the video card in place has broken off. The card still sits firmly in the port, and like I said, works fine some of the time. Before I replace the mobo, however, I wonder if y'all have any other suggestions.

Thanks a lot
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  1. Well, your card's fan may turn, but it may still be quite underpowered if I am not wrong /not knowing your system specs/.
    By the "tab" you mean the little thing, that is supposed to fix the card in the mobo slot?
    I don't see it as being a big problem unless your card is really loose there.
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