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On first boot from dead off, the machine cannot find enough resources to load the driver for the onboard ASUS motherboard built in network driver card. The Device Manager shows no network adapaters. After you wait about 3-4 minutes and reboot - no problem I get installation of the network card and internet access. This is very frustrating. Kaspersky and 360 Amigo can't find any problems.
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  1. Hello mfischer25;

    With Kaspersky and 360 Amigo not running at startup does the same thing happen?
  2. Is your motherboard BIOS up to date?
  3. Most probably a faulty connection at the LAN chipset. Better get the board replaced, since it doesn't seem to be coming on instantly even though you have it on in the BIOS. Plus the late detection of the LAN chipset, literally points out to some sort of loose contact or bad solder (Defective) that is cause it to come on a little later.
    Get the Board replaced ASAP.
  4. I appreciate everyone's thoughts on this one; the problem repeats next day even if Kaspersky and 360 were first deleted. I have since reinstalled. I did also check the BIOS which is up-to-date.
    Now the fact that the computer always reports the on-board LAN as present But cannot supply it with resources on first boot of the day seems really odd. Once I reboot, the LAN hardware is installed and it never fails even if I need to perform multiple reboots for upadates (and for testing this amazing mess.)
    alyoshka, thank you as you have given me an idea of something to try! I am going to pull the jumper for the on the motherboard LAN and install a PCI bus linksys network card and see if this silly foible vanishes. If it continues the fault is software if gone the fault is hardware. Thanks to all - Mike
  5. Welcome
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