Is Piledriver 6300 good for HTPC/Gaming rig?

Can anyone please suggest some parts for a Amd Piledriver 6300 cpu. Suggestions for mobo and ram would be greatly appreciated. Im building in a Bitfenix Survivor case and possibly a Cooler Master Silent Pro Modular 600W.

The build will not be overclocked and will be mainly an htpc with a gtx560ti for light gaming! Plus I have a 1tb samsung F1 HDD already.
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  1. For htpc the best is to have a cpu with the lowest power consumption and decent power, like a pentium G6xx/8xx or i3.
  2. Yep! It'll do just fine... I even do light gaming on a APU! xD Almost finished with my current build though!
  3. Does the piledriver have a high power output?

    Is this a better cpu
  4. @ Kamen_BG that is actually the mobo I was looking at as it is fairly cheap and looks good. Is it a good performer too?
  5. The i3-3220 is a better choice for your needs, it has a maximum 55w tdp, not 77w as described on that site, and it performs very well, it will not bottleneck any card you'll have(current cards).
    It's the best cpu for the money for that price.,3106-3.html

    You can get a nice mobo for that setup here :
  6. Ok thanks for that, I guess it will keep the electric bills down then. Could you also suggest a decent mobo to go with it please?
  7. Lol sorry I just see your suggestion! I will have a look!

    Is the power supply that I have picked any good?
  8. Yes, it's the silent pro series, so it's good.

    But there're better ones, and you can save some pounds :

    550W it's more than enough for your build.
  9. Mannn... All you need is a AM3+ 970a MoBo, 8gb ram 1600MHz, and the FX 4300. Ignore the guy talking about the i3. Im very happy with my Rig. And if you don't have a Quad Core in BF3 it actually removes a few characters in the game play lol. I'm not knocking the i3, it probably gets better FPS, but I preffer actual cores.
  10. He wants for both htpc and gaming, hence the i3-3220 is better, better performance, lower power consumption, less heat, cheaper mobos with more features and the cpu is cheaper.
    The FX-6300 is not recommended for htpc.
  11. Ok thanks for feedback, and yes it is mainly going to be a HTPC for my girlfriend which I can game on when im there. Im getting a 660ti which is why the 560ti is going in that system. It will be the main source of tv and streaming movies aswell as playing music. I do really want the running cost at a minimum.

    Also are those other PSUs as quiet as the silent one cause I dont mind paying an extra 10£ for the quieteness!
  12. The XFX and Antec are as quiet as the cooler master.
    It depends on your choice.
  13. Ok cool,

    What do you think of this ram

    Or I could take the rip jawsx 4Bg out of my rig and use that and get myself this
  14. I meant 4gb lol
  15. Just get more 4GB ripjawsx or similar ram equal to yours, no need for expensive ram.
    Or :
  16. The corsair was mostly for looks but I can wait. I will look at that ram you suggest.

    Also that psu was modular are the other ones?
  17. No, they're not, as i said you can get the silent pro or the others, you think it's worth the extra pounds then get the cooler master silent pro.
  18. Yeah I think it is as im a bit ocd about wires and mess lol.

    Is there much upgrade potential for the mobo you suggested?
  19. You can put any ivybridge cpu in there, i5 or i7 latter on, it has a pcie 3.0 slot for newer cards in the future, it has a decent amount of sata connectors, it's an ideal mobo for micro-atx cases/htpc.
  20. Cool, you have been extremely helpful, thank you!
  21. Oh! okay lol! sorry about that. I thought you were one of those Trollers. But yeah, an i3 + mini-ATX combo would work good! maybe even look for something with onboard wifi.
  22. cool
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