SLI with Same Chipset But different brand

Hello, I just plugged in my new Asus GTX550 Ti bridged with my old one Gigabyte GTX550 Ti. My question is why there is no SLI Option in control panel ? The only option is to set the secondary as a Psysics GPU. Both are SLI compitable and as far as i know the brand does not matter as the chipset does. Any ideas ?

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  1. Do you have the SLi bridge connected correctly?

    Sometimes a Driver re-install is needed for SLi to show up.
  2. Reinstalled drivers and nothing :\ Can someone tell me if these puppies will work together ? I dont want to consume power without reason :\
  3. Someone Please ?
  4. Yes they will work together.
  5. Have you tested the cards individually?

    Try another CLEAN driver install, make sure you completely remove the drivers before re-installing.
  6. You still didn't answer whether you have the bridge connected.
  7. m3ik0 said:
    Someone Please ?

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