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i have a laptop that is running at 1920x1080 its 15.6 inches
everything looks small on that laptop
do i change the dpi on it?
if so how and what dpi should i change it to?
i didnt know where i should post this thread so posted it here cause it is running on a nvidia gtx 560m video card
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  1. If you mean everything, then you need to install the graphics drivers probably. If it's only the icons on the desktop your talking about, do the following:

    1) Click on the desktop.
    2)Hold CTRL.
    3)Scroll in to make them larger, out to make them smaller.

    (Windows 7)
  2. if you are running a 15.6 inches screen at 1920x1080, it is normal that everything looks small, since the resolution is much higher. if you have hypermetropia or a problem with close range vision, you can always decrease resolution ...

    using 1280x720 should do the job... but of course if you can see it normally just take some time you will get used to a higher resolution...
  3. Right click on desktop -> Screen Resolution -> Make text and other items larger or smaller -> Select how much you want to enlarge it. It will let you run high resolution without having things tiny. Actually, I used that option to make my grandparents PC on screen stuff larger (it was already a 21" display, but you know, old people's vision isn't the best :)).
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