AMD A10-5800k be enough?

I'm looking to build a rig that wont cost me much. I was wondering if i should go with the 5800k or another CPU.

What i would be doing;

Video Editing
Occasional Gaming (not really picky on how high detail a game is) as long as i have a playable FPS.

Anyways that's about all i would be doing. Would you suggest this CPU or should i look for another one?

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  1. a10 is a good choice
  2. what kind of video editing are you doing?
  3. Can you explain a bit more on what you mean by what kind? I didn't know there were different types of editing o_o..Id be mostly doing, Trailers, Video Edits (Effects). Basic to intermediate editing.. If that helps at all.
  4. Do you care about render times?
  5. Well if you want decent frame rates at 1080 resolution then you're going to need an add in GPU and that puts the a10 about 10% behind an i3 with the same GPU.

    the a10 comes with a 7660g built in. You can look at notebookcheck and see how 'playable' games are on it.
  6. I'm not picky on render times. I don't mind waiting a fair amount of time for it to render, but if it is outrageously slow then yes i mind.

    EDit: To Popatim

    I would be thinking about upgrading the A-10's graphics to a GPU Instead of the iGPU installed. But i don't know how long it will be until i get the money to buy a graphics card since i'm on a huge budget. Does the Crossfire work nice on the A-10? Oh and i would be overclocking the A-10 (hopefully will be better)
  7. I say Intel Core i3 or i5. Better for video editing, and you can get a 7770 for graphics for gaming.
  8. If a gpu is out of the question and you really need someting now then the 7660g is much better than intels hd2000/3000/4000 offerings. Just keep in mind that the a10 processor core is not as advanced as the fx at the same clock speed so dont expect to pull the same frame rates from a gpu that the fx can do.

    I also would not bother with crossfire on an a10, you'll just have something slightly better that the lowest level gaming graphics due to the limited selection of what the a10 can crossfire with.
  9. What would you suggest for the fx? Like what version. I'm trying to keep it bellow the 300$ mark might be able to go a tad higher.
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