A few questions concerning PSU and CPU/case cooling


I have planned my rig for a quite some time now. I have Chieftecs Super Series 750W power supply. I am wondering, if it could power GTX590, GTX260 (PhysX dedicated) and i7 3770K.

I will buy the GA-Z77X-UD3H-motherboard.

And now for the CPU cooling: which is better, Antec Kühler 620 or Thermalright Silver Arrow SBE? If neither of those is good, you can also recommend something. I use mainly a finnish computer shop (http://www.jimms.fi/). Yeah the page is in finnish, but it is not hard to find the search bar and try it out. The names are the same in there even though the page is in finnish.

After this I thought, that maybe the GTX590 and GTX260 will run quite hot. I will be using Fractal Define R4 as the case, so I'll maybe need some case fans. Could you guys recommend me some silent case fans, which would fit with the motherboard and the case?

Many questions in one post as this is my first one. I have followed this page for some time even though I have not registered. :ange:
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  1. 750 should be enought except that powersupply seems somewhat old, and for cooling thermal right arrow is just as good or better than the kuhler, both very good in there respective types of cooling.

    i would need to know what size fans ur case is compatible with before i recommand some silent ones,
  2. According to the page I linked, the case (Fractal Refine R4) supports:
    1x120/140MM in the front
    2x120/140MM on the top
    1x120/140MM on the bottom
    1x140MM on the side.

    Two 120MM Silent Series R2 fans are included. Also, how should I place the fans? For example, if I buy two extra fans, should I put them all in front to blow air in the case or what?

    By the way, how many fans will the motherboard I mentioned support?
  3. u want one blowing on the cpu, one on memory gpu etc.

    one in the front and one in the back
  4. for the bottom http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233084

    8$ decent fan and the other one witch would be 140 and silent:


    both work very well for we 120mm or 140mm cooling silent needs, u can get more expensive ones, but imo isnt worth it.
  5. Great, could you suggest any silent yet powerful fan?

    OFFTOPIC: Why can't I edit messages? I have some stupid mistakes in them. I am not perfect at english.
  6. its the little crayon icon to edit:


    1800rpm should be more than enought over 2k rpm gonna make more noise thats for shur.

    and for the 140mm best i could find is


    but might not be as silent as u want, but u can change the rpm speed with a little switch i beleive
  7. So are the case fans connected to the mobo? That is how I thought it was. If it is like that, will the mobo (GA-Z77X-UD3h) support 2 extra fans?
  8. yes
    , im pretty shur some are connected to the mobo and some to the powersupply adapter thingy, unshur how to call it
  9. Just throwing these out there...

    Have you bought the 590 yet? It's a generation old, and there are better offerings. You're also probably going to get worse performance with the 260 than by just letting the powerful card do it's thing. (Also, by buying a newer card, you wont' have to worry about heat, as the new cards are good with that sort of thing.)

    Also, if you're gaming, buy an i5-3570k. The i7 is literally not one frame per second better than the i5.
  10. yes well for the most part games are gpu intensive and non cpu intensive, so yeah shouldnt be that much slower in games.
  11. iceclock said:
    yes well for the most part games are gpu intensive and non cpu intensive, so yeah shouldnt be that much slower in games.

    It won't be ANY slower.

    There is NO difference between the i5 and the i7 except for hyperthreading, which actually slows a lot of games down - no games make use of it.
  12. I would get the 590 from my friend by giving him some of my old components (Antec six hundred, phenom II 955BE, 4gb ram and crosshair III formula). The GTX 260 i will get from my other friend for my HD5850 (I will also get 50€). I also could get the GTX460 for the HD5850, but I figured that my PSU would not make it (1st gen fermi, yeah).
  13. hmm, 590 is nice but heats alot and is a power hog so take that into account
  14. Again, I think the 260 is just going to slow things down.

    Leave it with the 590 and don't worry about it.
  15. Why would the GTX260 slow it down? It would only handle the PhysX and from what I have heard PhysX is not so intensive.
  16. well most games dont need a dedicated physx card tbh and most games dont take advantage of it, already the 590 sucking alot of power, its more than enought for games, no need for a dedicated physx card.
  17. PhysX isn't intensive - that's exactly the point.

    It means that the cycles you save from letting the 590 not have to do PhysX are just eaten up by having to communicate with the 260. Lots of us have tried, and it's really not practical to have a second card unless you looked at something like a 550.
  18. yes a smaller less powering card would work for physx, wish they still sold physx cards, like they use to :D
  19. But if I put PhysX on GTX590, it takes away prosessing power from the picture prosessing. I want 1080p@60fps and no less.

    I also read somewhere that if I wanted to use GTX590 for the PhysX I would have to dedicate one GPU of the two available in the GTX590, but I don't know if it is true.
  20. That's flat wrong. You DO realize that every nvidia card out there does physx just fine, right? You don't need to make it do anything other than what it does normally.

    Also, yes, physx takes away from the GPU clock cycles... But so does trying to coordinate each frame and point data with the incoming information from the physx card, see? What it ends up doing is taking LONGER to process that information with the calculations that the 590 is making than it does to just do the minor, simple physx calculations by themselves.
  21. So adding an extra graphics card is not worth it, especially when the dedicated card is so old? Could you add some kind of graph or info about FPS w/ Dedi Physx versus FPS w/out Dedi PhysX?

    BTW Do I have to dedicate one GPU to PhysX or does the game share the graphics and physics job automatically?
  22. No, I've been telling you - PhysX is a feature built into the card itself - it uses the CUDA cores as the image is being processed. You don't have to do anything fancy to set it up, it just works. It'll do everything you want.

    As for charts, there isn't much - the best I found was this:
    But that doesn't have a test with just the 690. (Though such a test should be easy to find.)

    There's also this test, which uses two 570s, not in SLI, but with one as a PhysX card...

    He gains 4 fps over running one 570.

  23. I have decided not to get a dedicated PhysX card. Now I have another question: do I benefit of changing the HD5850 for my friends GTX460 768mb? I know that my HD5850 is more powerful but I would get nVidia only stuff like cuda encoding and physx. So what I'm asking is is the nVidia stuff worth it?

    The GTX 460 would go to my other computer.
  24. CUDA cores have the equivalent in AMD as STREAM cores - whether one or the other doesn't really come down to anything but what programs you're using. (Some programs support OpenCL, which uses STREAM, and some don't.)

    Keep in mind that the above is really only for graphics / video editors - it doesn't matter for gaming.

    As for PhysX, think for a second... Does it make sense to get a less powerful graphics card, so that you can ask it to do more work? Just saying. :P
  25. i think if u can afford it getting a cheap card for physx combined with a powerful one makes sense only if the game supports physx.
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