Thoughts? Evga 670 FTW + BF3 = stuttering problem

I've had my FTW 670 for about a week now, and when I play BF3 on Utlra settings, I get some stuttering that is hard to ignore. My 5850 played much smoother at medium than this card plays on Ultra, which from all that I've read and researched prior to purchase, shouldn't be the case. My temps are in the 68 to mid-70's range when I play. I have Vsync enabled, and my frames are fine in the 60's last I checked. On occasion I get a massive drop, and experience a few seconds of unplayable chop that immediately passes. I have not overclocked at all. Prior to install I used driver sweeper (safe mode and all) and removed all the ATI drivers for the 5850 I had. I then installed the card, loaded the latest driver, and off I went. The fans are quiet, but the card does seem to heat up the room more so than my 5850 did.

Thoughts on why I'm getting some stuttering during game play?
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  1. Hello,

    What's your current storage medium? I'm guessing your using a HDD? If so which exact model is it?

    Also how much RAM do you have?

    Just did some quick google searches - and it appears EVGA might have had some problems with certain 6XX series cards.

    Apparently some/certain drivers are working better than others.

    Also reading that upgrading your BIOS appears to help as well.

    For now you might want to check out these other threads with similar problems:

    One last thing - apparently someone upgraded to an SSD from a HDD and their stuttering disappeared.
  2. Turn off vsync and test.
  3. I'll try turning off Vsync and see what happens.

    I have a Samsung Spinpoint F3 & 8GB of ripjaws 1600 ram.
  4. Driver problems with nvidia? OMG all the fanbois will beat feet to this thread and deny it! What kinda PSU are you using?
  5. This is my set-up:

    Intel i5 750
    ASUS P7P55D Evo
    EVGA GTX 670 FTW
    8 GB Gskill Ripjaws 1600
    Corsair 650HX
    CM Storm Scout
    Windows 7-64

    Someone mentioned that I should try to update the Bios on my mobo. Some others say it's a known problem (stuttering) that is supposed to be patched out. To me, to spend $380 on a card and have these issues is unacceptable.
  6. No cow needed. Just tired of all the BS about how bad AMD drivers are and how good nvidias are, they both have the same issues with new hardware just tends to get ignored cause its the cool thing to do is all. Carry on.
  7. Quote:
    Using adaptive v-Sync in the NV-CP will help flatten the jerkyness... give it a try.

    The NV-CP? Do you mean Nvidia Control Panel? If so, how would I do that. I see where Vsync can be turned on and off, but not sure about the adaptive part.
  8. Did you try it without vsync?
  9. Had the same issue.

    asus sabertooth x79
    i7 3930k
    corsair dominator gt
    corsair h100
    corsair 400r
    corsair tx750v2
    gtx 670ftw

    I uninstalled the normal driver and anything nvidia related. Restarted, cancelled any windows auto installs. downloaded and installed nvidias current beta driver. Restarted and disabled v-sync in nvidia control panel then made sure v-sync was off in BF3, now it runs smooth as butter with no stuttering.
  10. Update your drivers to the 304.48's and do a clean install. Use Adaptive VSync or none at all.
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