What should i do first, CPU + RAM OR GPU + PSU For gaming sooner

as in my erlyer threads i told you guys about my julapy of a pc lol. it has a dg35ec mobo and 4GB ddr2 Ram and a intel core 2 quad 2.66GHz Q9400 but it has a 8500gt (i know lol it stinks) and a 430w power supply.

i just need advice on what i should do first. i currently have $200 to use on the pc before borderlands 2 comes out hehe. i want to play borderlands 2 on good settings also (i will preorder it so release date is one month away :bounce: :) )

Should i upgrade my mobo from the intel dg35ec to a amd am3+ mobo (8GB of ram with it too) with the Phenom II X4 965 and do the graphics card later or should i upgrade my power supply and graphics card to a 550w psu and a XFX double d Radeon HD 7770 now and do the other stuff later. keep in mind that i would like to play games on this (fallout games, borderlands games etc) and as of right now i can only play one game above 30 fps and thats minecraft( i get 80-100 on all max) thanks guys! ;)
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  1. Well I can't comment on the CPU since I have not used intel since the PIII and most likely will not use them any time soon. The 7770 is on the low end of the 7x line but should be better than the 8500gt although I do not know how it will handle Borderlands 2 since it is a new game with a new graphics engine.

    With only $200 you will be hard pressed to get a quality PSU and graphics card for that. The best thing you could do is save your money and get a complete new system. The CPU motherboard and ram you what to update to would work just fine but with out a new graphics card and PSU it would not work so save and get all of it at once.
  2. im sorry but i am just gonna go with the GPU + PSU first and the rest next month since i saw that my gpu and mobo wouldnt kill each other until i get my new mobo/processor next month...thanks for the input though i appreciate it!
  3. GPU + PSU first, you can also overclock the 9400 a bit as well
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