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Hi all

I'm looking at boosting my GPU power for some pretty mid range gaming. Dont need unbelievable perfect graphics but would like to run some higher end games pretty compitantly, though I've never done it before and trying to work out everything can be pretty confusing.
I'm looking at an ATI Radeon HD 6850, its within my price range and as far as I can tell pretty much what I need.
I've a feeling my motherboard, a Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3 Basic Micro ATX Motherboard, will be limiting me a bit here though, some advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
I'd be willing to stretch to a new motherboard if it was worth it though I havnt got a clue where to start.
All this running with an Interl i-1500k at 3.3 GHz by the way!

Thanks very mucvh for any help on this!
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  1. The only drawback I could see from using that motherboard is that it does not allow overclocking nor Crossfire/SLI so if you're not planing to use either of those technologies then no harm done
  2. supedaw said:
    I'm looking at an ATI Radeon HD 6850,
    I've a feeling my motherboard, a Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3 Basic Micro ATX Motherboard, will be limiting me a bit here t
    Your motherboard is not holding you back if the HD 6850 is the max your budget will allow you to spend for a graphics card.

    What is the resolution of your monitor?

    What do you have for a PSU?
  3. PSU is a EZCool Basic 500W and the screen res is 1920×1080@60Hz on a 22" monitor, though I sometimes find myself sticking a HDMI adaptor on the DVI and playing it through a big 32" Samsung LED TV!
  4. Your Samsung TV is probably 1920×1080 too so the performance should be identical.

    HD 6850 does 'OK' at that resolution. And your so-so PSU has enough power to handle it.
  5. Your PSU looks like this?
  6. Right okay, thanks very much!
    I'll go ahead and give it a whirl then, but I'll remember to upgrade the PSU and the monitor if I need a bit more edge!

    Thanks very much for your help, really cleared things up.
  7. yeah, thats the one
  8. What graphics card are you using now?
  9. just the stock intel graphics card, I decided to save on that when buying with the plan to upgrade later, so this is my first independently bought GPU.
  10. also, 8 GB RAM in 2 4GB PC3-10666 1333MHz DDR3 sticks if that helps.
  11. You'll notice a huge difference.
  12. Yea that's what I was hoping, just thinking that this should meet my needs until I do a general overhaul of the system.
    Thanks again for your help. Really am grateful.
  13. One last thing to check...... does your PSU have a 6-pin PCI-e power connector for your video card?
  14. I've been trying to find the EZCool / JSP-Tech website to check up on that PSU and thought I'd be able to find the home page for that MFGR, but cant seem to find it.

    A PCI-e 6-pin power connector would look like this:

  15. ....well that6s a fatal flaw in my plans! looks like im going to have to search for a new PSU aswell then!
  16. No; you'll just have to get an adapter to make up one of those.

    Do you have two 4pin molex connectors free?
  17. Yeah I've just opened her up to double check and it doesn't look like there is onewill have to invest in a new PSU!
  18. no. just the 1 4 pin free! which is slightly devastating!
  19. I knew that was a very weak PSU. And it was a bad sign when I couldn't find the home page.
    But no PCI-e 6pin graphics card power lead and only 1 free molex pin free just confirms is a super budgety PSU. It's probably for the best to upgrade the PSU.
  20. Yea I knew I was cutting it fine but had hoped it would be just enough to see my through. Should of planned ahead a little more on the original buy, but there you go, live and learn!
    Will look into boosting the PSU and will go ahead with the new Graphics card.
    Thanks very much, you've only educated me but diagnosed more about my PC from x miles away than 4+ hours of my own research has managed!
    Great advice and well worth the "master" ranking!
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