Can I install a pci-e 4x nic in my gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD4H

can I install a pci-e 4x nic in my gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH?
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  1. Yes but you will have to set it in one of your X16 slots, here is info on it
  2. I am using my 16X and my 8x will drop my 16X to 8X speeds. is there any chance I can use the 4X video port for the 4X Nic. hear the some video ports will only except video cards. not sure if this apples to this board.
  3. Yes that is the one to use the one at X4 speed but it will shut of the X1 slots.
  4. GA-Z77X-UP4 TH : I messed up this is the board I ment
  5. Different story since it will limit the first slot to X8 mode.
    Why would you want to use a nic card anyway on a board with GbE nic?
  6. good question. I have 3 Virtual machines I need a nic for each one I am sick of fighting Virtual nic's. This card has 2 nic ports for a total of four counting the one I have in the pci port.
  7. Would you not be better of with 2 x X1 cards? which will not hamper with the X16 slot.
  8. at twice the cost? this card was only $25.
  9. It is a matter of trying it, there is not a noticeable difference with the first slot running at X16 or X8 in graphics performance.
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