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Hi guy's !

As my mobo died by a lighting strike i need a power protectors.

The funny thing that none of the parts died but the mobo itself. Even the modem i was suspecting is alive.

So i need a power surge protector. I can buy only form ebay but you can suggest even from other sites (i can search the name in ebay).

I searched in local shops but they are dirty cheap (5$ - 7$) so i dont trust them.

Is there any criteria when choosing them.

I made some researches but couldnt find a good one .

Budget starts from 0 :p up to 150$ (But that doesnt mean i need to spend all the 150$ xD )

Thank you
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  1. Just surge protection? Tripplite Isobar Ultra or the Belkin Pivot plug one would be my top 2 recommends.
  2. Hi :)

    We sell them in my shops...

    The GOOD ones come with free INSURANCE... so look for one with that (around £20)

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Well i have 2 UPS and 1 SPS. But that wsnt enough (the lighting killed my mobo ).

    So i thought i would need a power surge protector.

    Do i need anything else ?

    @ Brett i wish i could buy from your shop :)
  4. the surge protection on those types usually sucks. The two I recommend have joule rating near 4000 and ups's are usually under 500

    ps - bear in mind that nothing will protect you fromo damage from a really close lightning stike, they are just too powerful. lightning is usually rated over a billion joules.
  5. Well i just ordered that Belkin.

    I know lightings are to high but just in case :)

    Is there any other way to protect me ? Or just the lighting rod ?
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