Almost done finding parts - need help!


I've spent the entire day trying to find a decent set of components. The first configuration was perfect, but WAY over budget. I want to run BF3 and Minecraft on medium settings with high fps and GTA IV on low settings with high fps.

This is what I've got so far.

CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 1155pin Boxed CPU

Motherboard: Gigbayte GA-H61MA-D3V H61 DDR3 USB3 Intel 1155pin Motherboard

I had a full setup, but am now buying everything off one site,, and it doesnt have all the components I want. Please help me to find something that will work, I really have no clue.

Storage: At least 500GB

Video Card: I wanted this:, but couldnt find it on msy.

Power Supply: No clue how much I need. I would like a modular one if possible.

Memory: Not sure.

And finally, this is the best looking case for under $100 I could find on the site, will it fit everything?


Oh, and everything needs to by off please!
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  1. What's your max budget an monitor resolution?
  2. ilysaml said:
    What's your max budget an monitor resolution?

    Max budget WAS $500 but it's been stretched a bit. Preferably going to get a monitor under $50 or so. No idea what resolutions even do sorry. I'm really new at this, it's my first build. Whatever you reccomend from the site I'm using would be great!
  3. ilysaml said:
    Get this card instead of the one you couldn't find.

    Get this case

    Awesome, that's the card I was looking at but I wasn't sure about. Is there something different about the case you reccomend against the one I picked? Its just I'm very tight on money, so if I'm going to spend extra, I want it to be worth it. Thanks for the help.
  4. Because of this
  5. ilysaml said:

    I see. It looks brilliant, but does it offer something more than this :

    Im sorry I'm asking newb questions, I have no clue.

    Also, do you know if the motherboard I listed is ok? Its mATX, do I need an ATX one? What do the ATX ones do that the micros dont?
  6. ATX boards provide additional stuff like more PCIE/PCI slots, RAM slots for additional upgrade and are made from high quality components plus the heatsinks for heat dissipation.

    Difference between ATX and mATX is day and night.

    The Cooler Master is well cooled and provides superior airflow plus the brilliant looking like you said, I see that you're really tight on budget so you can go with the one you chose.
  7. What about RAM & PSU? Anyway you can max your budget to $1000? :D
    $500 is not a budget for a gaming PC, maximum a HTPC build.
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