Does this first build seem good?

Just about to go order this all, but really wanted any last ideas, suggestions and or conformation (That it all looks good to go for my uses; gaming, web browsing, youtube, movies, music) :)

(Already have this) Case:







Dvd drive:


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  1. Can't see PSU, tigerdirect url not working here.
    CPU Cooler?
    I know that Ivy Bridge gets really hot when overclocked, see if you're going to grab a water cooling closed loop like Corsair H100 otherwise this CM is great
    No need for the OS if you know what i mean ;)
    GPU is great, you can make the swap to GTX 670 for extra performance.
  2. Great *correction* Perfect Build.
    So, what'you waiting for.. Go order it.

    Dont forget to get a cpu cooler if youre doin oveclocks ;)

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
  3. Thanks for the quick and reassuring replies :) I'm glad to see this'll all work together, I wasn't planning on overclocking, but I'll pick up a cooler just in case! Should I get some thermal paste too? Is that unnecessary or bad?
  4. That cooler comes with some.
  5. get thermaltake water cooler extreme 2.0 WAY BETTER than H100
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