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I am waiting to know the benchmarks of a particular gpu, I tried searching around but couldn't find the right one..

Here's the link
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    Here is a good review of the chipset.

    The difference between reference cards like those and the Dirt3 card you linked would primarily be the cooler on the card. The dirt 3 cooler will be much more effective at cooling and much quieter.

    6950 is a great card, and that sale price is a great price.

    What will your primary purpose for the card be?

    Edit: forgot the link...
  2. Diablo 3, the witcher 1 and 2, guild wars 2. Battlefield 3 most likely depending if I can get used to playing fps on pc ad counter strike source.. Mostly gaming but I will be watching YouTube a lot too
  3. Anything that can handle gaming can handle youtube :)

    Do you plan to overclock at all?
  4. Not ATM no because I got the i3-2120 and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to overclock at all with that.. Eventually I might though. But if there's any way I can now I would
  5. I meant your GPU, do you plan to overclock your GPU?
  6. That card will do all of the above fine. I play BF3 on ultra on my 6950 (despite a heftyish overclock) on 50-60fps. The i3 also will not bottleneck the card.

    I must say that's an insane price for a 6950. Too bad I can't Crossfire.
  7. Wait you can overclock both? So it don't matter if I'm using an i3?
  8. no. you can overclock your GPU and your CPU independently
  9. It does not matter, you can overclock the video card and the processor.

    Think of it this way, the video card is basically a processor for videos. You can overclock the processor of the video card.

    A processes stuff. You can also overclock that. They are completely separate of each other.

    The inability to overclock the i3 has nothing to do with the video card.

    Here is an article that will outline the kind of performance you are probably going to have:,3159.html
  10. You don't need to, but I was wondering if you were planing on it.

    The cooler on the dirt3 6950 makes it nice and cool for overclocking
  11. Yea, that cooler is nice, the cooler I have sounds like a jet quite literally.
  12. Can you guys give me some tips on what I should clock the gpu to? Here's my specs

    I3 2120 intel processor
    Ocz 750W high performance psu
    8 gb corsair vengeance RAM
    Asrock h77 pro/ mvp2 mobo
    Wd 500gb caviar blue hard drive
    Asus DVD drive
    Nzxt apollo black steel chassis case w/ side and rear fan (I also installed a front intake fan)
  13. Anybody?
  14. You'll have to get your card before you can figure out how high it will go

    Download MSI Afterburner or Sapphire Trixx. Then increase the clock speed until it is unstable, then increase the voltage until it is stable, or your temps are too high. Rinse and repeat.

    Not too hard. I use OCCT for stability testing since you can turn Error checking on, and then it's objective. You don't have to sit there and watch for visual errors (artifacts)
  15. Honestly its good enough at stock. Doesn't really need to be clocked any higher unless you are just shooting for higher numbers.

    Realistically the overclock on my card wont give me more than 7-10 fps in game.
  16. Yeah I do want to overclock just because I could, I would like to see numbers and how high I could hit without over running the fans ad temperature.. So enough so it isn't becoming too hot.. Id like higher fps if possible
  17. You should be able to get the highest possible fps in any game you play on the highest settings, and thats coming form experience.

    The only thing you would have problems with is BF3, and you really shouldnt. I manage over 50fps most of the time with the overclock, so you will probably see 45 or so consistently.

    Every other game should be playable. The 6950 is a beast, and now at $200, its insane.
  18. Alright sounds good I'm going to buy the gpu next Wednesday night so hopefully it will still be $199.99 and in stock
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