Help! My Games are running bad...


My PC used to play games at the MAX graphics level(Nvidia GeForce GTX 560).. I restarted my PC to sleep, and when I woke up and later played a game, the game had to run on low. Is this a graphics issue or did my PC get damaged? :(


UPDATE: I have also ran 3dmark11 and the fps were a lot worse than they were before I restarted my PC...
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    Restart your PC. How does it work now?
  2. 17seconds said:
    Restart your PC. How does it work now?

    The benchmark program(3dmark11) works a lot better now.... Time to try the games.

    UPDATE: The games work BEAUTIFULLY!! I was trying to run the games on steam.. Any possible reason why this problem was happening(Programs that stay open?)??
  3. Funny you mention that ARes_26, I had the same issue the other night while I was playing COD MW3. I have SLI gtx 560's and all of sudden, my frame rate dropped, at first, I though my connection was bad, which turned out wasn't the best for some reason, so I launched Skyrim. Load my game running like 11 frames, I usually get 60. I restarted my PC, the problem went away and hasn't came back since, but it was weird. Last thing I did was update to latest drivers 301.
  4. Latest Nvidia drivers often have trouble recovering from performance throttling (usually caused my heat or power draw)

    you have to restart to reset the driver and get the card running at full speed again.
  5. Driver bug in the recent drivers. Pretty common, but I've read that they are working on a fix for it. Just restart if it happens again.
  6. lol
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  8. I shut off my computer every night to sleep... One night, my graphic just got crappy.. Restarting my PC worked great, but I turn my PC off every night so I can't see why that helped... Anyway, thanks very much to all the replies! Hopefully anyone with this problem will see this page.
  9. you might want to roll back drivers if things are too annoying.
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