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Does THG take requests for articles? If so I'd love to see a comparison of all the LCD monitors with built in TV tuners. I'd like to get one, but I'm worried that they are all going to look like crap. (ghosting, etc.)
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  1. get the LG L1810T its an 18" LCD with a tv tuner a lot of diff inputs and its also meant to be really good
  2. That one looks super expensive, Do they make a smaller model? 15" or 14.1" would be fine for my needs
  3. I've been looking at a 15IN LCD 1024X768 75HZ BLACK CT1503T 500:1 SPKR TV TUNER from CORNEA SYSTEMS, do these specs sound good for a LCD/TV

    Taken straight off of a website

    Sales Description
    The CT1503 TFT-LCD monitor with TV tuner enables users to watch television and work from their personal computer with the same monitor. This affordable solution features an ultra-slim design that will fit virtually anywhere in your living space - from a kitchen countertop to a bedroom dresser.
    The multi-function CT1503 comes equipped with a built-in TV tuner, remote control and audio and video interface. High contrast (500:1) and brightness (250 cd/m2), as well as a 140º viewing angle, facilitate excellent image clarity.

    Key Buying Points
    15-inch viewable multi-function LCD monitor
    1024 x 768 max resolution
    Built-in NTSC, S-video and TV tuner
    RCA video and audio, S-video, antenna connector
    Built-in multimedia speakers
    Auto adjustment
    Wide viewing angle

    Anybody have any experience with this model?
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