Coolmaster HAF XM Fan Cables Question

I recently purchased all the components for my first computer build, put it together, and it turns on! HOORAY!

The case is supposed to have an LED fan on the front, and another regular fan on the top, and neither are running. Both came with the 3-pin male connectors, as well as a 3-pin -> Male and female Molex adapter. Using the adapter on both fans, I attached another adapter to the Molex which has the 4-pin connector on it. I then attached both of those connectors to the ports labelled "SYS_FAN", as I heard that the 4th pin makes the fan controllable by the mobo (I assumed that's why the fans weren't on.) In that case, will that mean that the LED will only be available once the computer gets hot enough and the fans are turned on automatically? Will the 4-pin connector even be able to power the LED alone, or do I need to hook up another Molex?

As a side note, the fan LED is controlled by a button on the top of the case, and that seems to do nothing. Both of the fans using the 4-pin connectors have been off so far (I have a 3-pin fan that is running constantly).

Should I maybe just use the 3-pin connector on the front fan instead?

Thanks for any help!

P.S. My build specs can be found here:
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  1. Plug the top fan to the sys fan of your choice and use supplied molex for the front fun and there you go. You want to see the LED then just push the button. Enjoy.
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