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Hi, I'm planning to buy a second monitor for dual screening, I have a PowerColor 6850 GPU which has two HDMI ports. Right now I'm using a VGA to DVI connector for my current DELL 1908 Monitor, and I'm planning to buy the AOC e1621Sw monitor, which is also VGA, no problem since I have another VGA to DVI connector.

My question is, Will they work together? Any special consideration to take into account?

Thank you so much guys!
I have never done this before.
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  1. They should do, yes, unless Powercolor specifies that it won't.
  2. It should work.
  3. Thanks guys, tomorrow I will buy the monitor and confirm your statement :sol:
  4. Well, it doesn't work, the second port won't detect any of the two displays. I reinstalled the video card drivers to the latest version, I also tried to detect new devices through windows screen resolution and catalyst control center. Ideas?
  5. Hi I have two VGA monitors, my GPU is ATI PowerColor which has two DVI slots, I use adapters for both VGA monitors. If I connect any the two monitors in the first slot it will work right away (along the plugin confirmation sound). And if I connect any of the two monitors to the second slot I won't get anything, nor a signal or confirmation sound.

    I also tried auto detectingvia Catalyst Control Center and Windows Desktop Resolution.
    I have the latest drivers installed.

    One important thing is that my PowerColor 6850 came with this cable-adapter.

    And I only was able to connect the male 4 pin to my Power Supply, I didn't have more cables to connect the remaining 2 pin male. I have no idea if this has anything to do with my issue.
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    Second display not detected
  7. I just disconnected the DVD Drive to give power to the 2 pin male, nothing changed.

    Still looking for advice!
  8. Can you give the specs of the computer. Does it have windows 7?
  9. Luckily my old monitor has a DVI input, I purchased a DVI-D Male/Male Dual Link cable and it worked right a way in the second video card input. Now I'm using both monitors without issues.
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