Desktop build -will this work? (for 3D Modeling/rendering)

I'm currently shopping for parts and have narrowed my search down to these parts:
1. i7 330k or i7 2600K
2. Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Gene
3. Thermaltake LitePower 700w
4. Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9R, 16GB (4GB x 4) kit, Vengeance with Red low-profile heat sink
6.Zalman Z9 Plus, Mid Tower
7. Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX, 1TB/1000GB, SATA6Ghttp

I'm not clued up on pc hardware, but I've done a bit of research and made this build. I'm working around a budget of R11 000 max, (+- 1350$)

Main use is for 3D building, rendering (Revit/ AutoCAD etc). I haven't included a graphics card yet , (any recommendations?) Although someone suggested I don't really need one.
I won't be overclocking, but will play the occasional game or two.
So is this a good build with the available budget, or would you swap some items for others? oh and would all these items fit into the listed box? Any help would be much appreciated. (would like to buy within a week)
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  1. for autocad ad gaming, I'll suggest getting a GTX 570
  2. Personally, I would NOT buy a Thermatake power supply. Look at Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Corsair instead.

  3. Quote:
    For a 3D rig you should really buy a professional graphics card. I use FirePros in the workstations I sell. They work great and you can game on them too. I get 90fps in MW3 with a v5900. I also suggest a 3770k for your cpu as you will get hyperthreading which helps in rendering. I recommend Seasonic or Corsair for power supplies.

    I've an option between MSI, InnoVISION, ASUS, KFA², Gigabyte and Leadtek graphics cards.
    Because I'm working with slow moving graphics I don't have to spend so much but it will help a little I guess. I'm linking a different site as it would be the one I'm buying from (the does not ship to my country)


    MSI N450GTS-M2D1GD5
    KFA² 64TGF8HX6FXZ, GT640
    KFA² 64TGF8HX6FXZ, GT640
    GIGABYTE GV-N550WF2-1GI, GTX550 T - this one is a bit pricy for me, but can do if i have too
    GIGABYTE GV-N450D3-1GI, GTS450

    etc... that's about the range I'm looking in...
  4. I'm considering the the Corsair GS800
    Will it do?
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    corsair gs 800 is overkill

    for the type of cards you are looking at, you should get by with a Corsair CX 430 or CX 500.

    the 550ti is probly the best choice out of what you are listing
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  7. Thank you for all the replies- ended up going with the Corsair CX600- got a good price.
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