How much is my old computer worth?

Hello I am deciding to upgrade my hardware and have a friend that would be willing to buy my "old" computer I was just wondering what a reasonable price for this would be today.
Here are the specs:

ASUS PQ5 PRO LGA 775 Intel P45 motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4ghz
6gb G.Skill DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) ram
Zotac GTX 560ti
Antex TPQ-850W power supply
Samsung 22x dvd burner
Zalman CNPS9700 1120mm Cpu cooler
Antec 900 (I believe the first generation)

Any comments or "quotes" would be awesome and really helpful!
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  1. I sold a smililar rig for 3200 norwegian KR, ~$570
    Not sure about the actual value though.
  2. well im not looking for like actual value but just a guestimate on how much someone would buy for decent but still old hardware. I was thinking about 600 dollars as well
  3. I wouldn't spend more than 300-400$ because the upgrading potential of the rig is very crippled.
  4. It's not a very good friend if you're asking $600 for that :lol:
  5. If it's not to a friend, why not get as much as possible ;)
  6. It's worth about $350
  7. interesting, ill keep that in mind. you've listed almost the exact specs of my own system. useful to know it has some value. a potential sale could go to a new i5 system!
  8. I flogged a Q9300 + SKT775 + 6GB DDR2-800 for £100 on ebay.

    You don't say how old components are so ..

    Zotac GTX 560ti £100
    Antex TPQ-850W power supply £50
    Zalman CNPS9700 £10
    Samsung 22x dvd burner £5
    Antec 900 £30

    So that would be £295 and this is being generous.
  9. you can try to sale the item on ebay and sometime they sale for good prices- other then that together the prices are worth less then apart.
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    I'd say around $400. The two parts that are worth the most (because they are fairly updated or useful) is the Antec 850 watt PSU and Nvidia 560 TI. Rest of it, while certainly isn't junk, not very modern. One could argue the PSU and GPU are worth maybe $100 each, but the rest just isn't worth a lot. Unfortunately, computers depreciate in value quickly.
  11. Ouch! I had no idea it would be so low. Thank you all for the help, I guess ill go for around £300, that will be a nice surprise for my friend.

    Thanks again!
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