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I'm debating on getting a 2nd amd radeon 6950 graphics card for my computer however i was wondering if when you try to play a game that does not support crossfire are you unable to play it and have to wait for a patch or does it just start up but only utilizes 1 card. Also are many games supporting crossfire set ups or only a bare minimum? I want to be able to play all games if i'm not able to crossfire might be out of the question for me.
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  1. Just uses one card. Most newer games support multi-GPU - if it doesn't it'll use the primary card. although plenty of games run CFX, it's more down to how they utilise it - BF3, CoD, etc, use it well, SC2 and stuff don't.
  2. Thank you for the answer and one more question what is my estimated fps gain with a 2nd card and how bad is the micro stuttering issue?
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