Help me find my bottleneck please

Its been some time since i last upgraded anyting in my rig. So I was wondering what would be the biggest upgrade for me. Im mainly thinking about a new cpu OR a new gpu.

My system:

Motherboard: ASUS Rampage II GENE, X58
RAM: 18GB 1600Mhz
CPU: Intel i7 950 - @3,07GHZ- no OC
GPU: Radeon 6950 - 2GB GDDR5
Drive: Corsair SSD Force Series™ F115

Using the computer for gaming and will mainly be playing Guild Wars 2 when it launches. Using dual screens, and playing @ 1920x1680 if that matters at all.

Any input is appriciated :)
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  1. your budget please? PSU is must?
  2. xtreme5 said:
    your budget please? PSU is must?

    About 400-500USD. I believe hardware is a bit more expensive where i live than in the US though (I live in Norway).
    I have a cooler master 750W PSU, so I guess I dont need a new one.
  3. If you takes my advice then no need to upgrade your cpu that is enough for gaming, i7 950 is still very best choice for gaming so spend more money on a decent GPU something like GTX 670 will do the job. Here it is,

    or if you like to upgrade your cpu then you must upgrade your mobo first again i'm advising you do not upgrade your cpu.
  4. Thanks. Ill have a look at the GTX 670. I understand its the best card in its price class?
  5. Indeed it is thats why I suggest it to you that card has abilities to maxxxed out every game with decent frame rates, a friend of mine running it and he got 50-60fps in all the latest games with maxed everything.
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