Help a noob with PSU, Vid card purchase.

Hello I'm a super tech noob. I've been having problems with my PSU and videdo card. Every now and again I will smell burning coming from my PSU, my screen will shut down and not turn on again until I let my system rest. My video card would be molten hot after these occurrences. I've tried cleaning the interior of my case but to no avail. I think my PSU is fucked.

this is my system:

This is what I'm thinking of buying:

Video card:

My questions are:
1) Are these parts compatible with the rest of my system?
2) Is my case big enough to fit them?
3) Are these good choices or would you recommend something else.
4) Should I upgrade anything else while I'm at it?

Thanks in advance guys from a super noob.
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  1. Yeah, burning PSU is VERY VERY BAD. stop using it before you fry all of your other parts.You'd be fine with a 400-450W PSU.

    How old is this computer? Throwing in a big PSU and graphics wouldnt really be worth it for an old economy/budget machine. You should consider building a new one, the guys on the forums here are really quite helpful.
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