GTX 470 SLi worth it if done cheap??

Well I would be peaking my power supply with two gtx 480s in SLi, so my question is what about two gtx 470's overclocked a bit in SLi, and the best part is if I can pick them up way cheaper then a single gtx 670, 2x gtx 470s for cheap!? Just making final decisions before I make my buy this weekend!
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  1. It's fine, just make sure you have enough power.
  2. I know but how is the performance on two Super overclocked GTX 470's though, would I be good to go for 1080p gaming for awhile?
  3. I wouldn't be busting out older tech for new builds, considering how good the 600s are.
  4. Yeah, I know they are pretty good, but for the price a gtx 670, I have options in beating the performance of it for cheaper man. Why not, it's just going to become old tech soon enough anyway.
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