Graphics Card The Culprit??

Hey guys I have a "Dell Studio XPS 7100" computer. The computer Seems to struggle to run games such as "Call of Duty Black Ops", "Battlefield Bad Company 2", and "Assassins Creed" on normal-high settings. I'm not experienced in computer hardware but I'm guessing it has to be the graphics card.

Dell Studio XPS 7100 Specifications - (Specifications of this computer on the internet is different to mine)

[CPU] AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 820 Processor 2.80Ghz
[RAM] 6.00 GB
[GPU] ATI Radeon HD 5450
[PSU] 350W-450W (Not Sure Will Check On it)

I mainly play Call of Duty 4 Promod. At the moment I can achieve 125fps with everything low but it would be great to have a crisp and smooth image on 125fps without lag.

In my opinion the graphics card is the culprit, but if it is something else it would be appreciated if someone could point it out.

Budget for a gaming graphics card AU$50-100 (another AU$50 if its must)

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  1. GPU is definitely the culprit.

    Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with Australian parts suppliers. Do you have a preferred store?
  2. The GPU is definitely too slow for most of those games. The 5450 is more for just displaying HD video and such.

    And +1 to what blade said, I'm not sure of Australian parts and stuff.


    That would do it!

    HD 7770 1GB Oc'd

    And that would do it even more :)

    Not 100% on the PSU, but it should be more than enough to handle it mate :)
  4. Thankyou guys for helping and confirming my problem, I'll research a little further on the choice of graphics card.

    To Blade: This is where I mainly order my computer parts.

    Thanks Again Everyone
  5. Gigabyte ATI HD6570 OC PCI-E 2.1 1GB GDDR3 DVI HDMI

    thats probably the best card in your price range but if you want something more powerful:

    Sapphire HD6770 1G GDRR5 PCIE HDMI

    links don't work for that site it seems
  6. YUK!!!! CPU is also bad, at least upgrade to a X4 965 and in terms of a video card go for a 7850 just to make it wirth spending... 7770 will give you half ass graphics at 1920x1080
  7. power supply has to go too, maybe a X650 seasonic would be a nice replacement.... your cpu wouldnt be that bad if you could overlock it, but you cant so go for the best AM3 cpu you can get maybe a X4 965 ore if your motherboard can take it a six core cpu, obviousle consider an aftermarket cooler..... do this and gor for at least a 7850 and you got yourself a tough gaming computer with not much spent
  8. ^ those things are obviously out of the OP's budget.
  9. As i searched ur site i found this , its a shame your website has no Phenom ll on stock, dont try going for the FX, way more expensive and not much better so this are my suggestions, a new PSU something cheap but enough to make a 7850 work nicely even overclocking it to 7870 levels
  10. didnt see the budget limiti.... my bad
  11. You should check out your power supply and report back.

    This is a good card in your budget
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