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:hello: Sir i need to buy a new graphics card that can just run all latest gam but not at the highest lvl as i am a school boy.I have a AMD Phenom2x4 core 3.4ghz,$gbof RAm,Gigabyte 880GM USB3l motherboard and mu current GPU is Nvidia 210.<crap>
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    That's about the best you can do for $100, and it doesnt disappoint. I have the same one in one of my computers, and its perfect. Plays everything I need it to, and it will definitely outpace your GT210.
  2. ^+1
    Agreed you will see a whole lot of difference. It is too bad that your budget is what it is because with your CPU you could do a lot better then the 6670. But I understand any how Good luck to you.
  3. While you could get a 6670 (must be a GDDR5 version) and it would work okay I'd try to get something a bit more powerful if possible.
    Both of these next two graphics cards perform about the same (the 7750 uses less power though and is on newer technology)
    Now for about the price of a 7750 you can also get a 6770 which beats both of the previous cards.

    So if you are strict on your budget and have a PSU that has at least one PCI-E connector you can get the 6750. If you have a little lenience then the 6770.
    If you don't have any PCI-E connectors on your PSU you can get the 6670 GDDR5 and stay in your budget, or get the 7750 and go a bit over.
  4. +1 to that ^

    The 7750 is going to have a lot more punch at $10 more.

    6670 if you have no money, 7750 if you do is my recommendation.
  5. What is the power supply that you have (PSU) this could allow you to get a better graphics card (GPU) for roughly the same price.
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