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So, I'm a bit of a noob to pc's. I'm looking to build my first pc for gaming/recreation. Right now I'm kinda confused as to what PSU i should buy. I'm trying to keep my budget under 800, so i'd like to get a case & psu for under $100. So far, taking advice from a couple of friends, I've ended up with this build:

CPU: Intel i5 3470
Video card: Gigabyte GTX 660
Mobo: Asrock Z77 Extreme4
HDD: WD 1TB Caviar Blue/Green
SSD: Samsung 830 64GB
RAM : Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600
Case: Coolermaster Elite 430

The cooler master i can get for $50 right now. I don't think ill be over clocking.

So either a suggestion for a psu or a suggestion for a different case/psu combo would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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    450w is the minimum power supply for the 660gtx; I've gotten nearly all my rebates, but some folks aren't so lucky. I recommend you wait until the week after xmas to order, unless you find a newegg shellshocker special before then. Prices are a little high right now.

    630 of nice quality power, also the above are nice, but for 49.$ after rebate this ps is a good bang for bucks :)
  3. PC Power and Cooling Silencer MKII 750w $79.99(69.99 after rebate) FREE SHIPPING. Great PSU with Silver certification, and a seven year warranty. Lots of power to spare if you ever decide to go SLI, or overclock as well. :)
  4. thats good also, but unshur if he wants to wait for that mail-in-rebate tho, but yeah pc power and cooling are top notch when it comes to powersupplies.
  5. You might want to consider getting a cheaper motherboard. You don't need the Extreme4 if you're only going to use one graphics card. Then you can afford to get a better case than the Cooler Master Elite 430.
  6. that case is fine.

    unless he wants this instead:

    44$, with the power supply i recommand stays within ur 100$ budget :)
  7. This case could be a nice option as well. It has a TON of features for the price you pay, and it comes with 4 120mm fans(3 blue led).

    I have both the case and PSU and have not had a single issue with either. I have all 7 fan spots filled out on my case, and the temp never goes above 28 degrees load(ambiant temp). I was really surprised on how good the build quality and cable managent was. I changed from a modular to a non modular PSU and it was super easy to route the cables in the space provided. Side installing the HDD's was awesome too, after coming from an older case that put the HDD's cables facing the motherboard lol. The PSU has my PHII x6 at 4.0ghz, and my HD 7950 at over a 200mhz OC on both the core and memory without issue.

    PS: On the top of the NCIX page it says free shipping on orders over $50 so that would save a little cash as well. ;)

    I know that this combo would go over your budget, but you would be getting a top notch PSU that will do you for a long time and should suffice for any upgrades you may make in the future, and a case that should really be priced closer to $80 for the options, and cooling it provides.
  8. iceclock said:
    that case is fine.

    Not at $50. You can get better cases for less money - a Xigmatek Asgard Pro or NZXT Source 220, for example.
  9. better is opinon here, the case i recommand is quite decent those arent any better sorry.

    but decent case they are.
  10. Thermaltake has a new sub $50 case, the Versa II

    As for a power supply, I use this one is 80+ Gold, cheap and works well:

    Can foot stomp this enough: NEVER buy a multi rail power supply. They blow up and kill your other components.
  11. iceclock said:
    better is opinon here, the case i recommand is quite decent those arent any better sorry.

    but decent case they are.

    The ones you recommend are fine, the one I was referring to was obviously the Cooler Master Elite 430. Which is not a good option at $50.
  12. oh, cool np :)
  13. thanks heaps guys

    Sakkura, any reccomendations for a cheaper mobo?
  14. housonmiles said:
    thanks heaps guys

    Sakkura, any reccomendations for a cheaper mobo?

    Asrock Z75 Pro3. More than enough for the minor overclock a Core i5-3470 is capable of.
  15. nice price, im jelly wish it was in canada, id snag one for that price
  16. Yeah it barely costs any more than the Asrock B75 Pro3.
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