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Hey guys :hello: . This is actually my first post here and I could really use some help. I recently bought a new rig to play games like Max Payne 3 and The Witcher 2. And at first I didn't overclock my GPU at all. But people were saying how great of an overclocker the 7950 is and I got curious. My rig came with a Corsair TX650W PSU, wich the guy told me, was enough for a single 7950. So I went to AMD Overdrive and manually overclocked my GPU. Without tweaking my voltage I put the GPU clock up to 1020 Mhz (850 default) the Memory Clock to 1575 Max ( 1250 def ) and the power slider at the bottom was set to 0 so I set it to 20% max. Bottom line. Both my PSU and my GPU went to the crapper. My PC suddently shut down and I couldn't turn it back up. I don't know if my PSU couldn't handle my overclock , but both these parts literally broke. My luck was that both of them were still under warranty, otherwise I don't know what I could have done. Now I got another 7950 but this time I bought myself a 750 Sentey PSU 80+ and I turned to the overclock down a bit to 925/1375/20%. Could any of you guys please tell me if it's safe, or if I should let the card run at stock speeds anyway? The performance gain was so great that I really don't want to go back to stock speeds :D
I would really apreciate any kind of help!
Thanks a LOT!!!!

Intel Core i5 2500k Stock
Gigabyte Z8MA-D2H-B3
500GB Seagate
XFX HD 7950 Core Edition
8gb Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz
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  1. Umm, doing that will just not make the card work. You also need to increase voltage. It is not recommended that you use AMD Overdrive to overclock your card.

    Go here to do it PCworld has done your card using AMD Overdrive, without increasing voltages:

    It is recommended that if you go higher with the overclocks, your heat output will increase.

    You should use MSI afterburner to in order to increase voltages.
  2. They didn't increase the voltage while using AMD Overdrive at all. He says that voltage tweaking is another thing and it demmands a lot more skill and patience, because it's way more risky. He went with 100/1500/20% without any problems.
  3. Hence, why I said AMD Overdrive without increasing voltages in my previous post. Some graphics processors are able to hit higher than others.
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