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Poor Performance HD4890

I noticed while playing BF3 that my HD4890 was having a poor performance comparing to my friend's card. It's getting around 20-24 FPS on everything LOW in some maps.

Also 3DMark performance score got 40% lower than expected.

Any suggestions?

My specs:

Intel i7 920
XFX HD4890
Power Supply: 600W
Motherboard: Intel dx58so

Also, when I try to OC my card, even a bit. The card runs normally while making the overclock but it crashes when I try to play a game.

And I just have a fresh Windows install, so I guess it's not driver related.
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  1. what resolution are you playing at.
  2. What is the model of your power supply?
  3. - 1600x900

    - It's a C3Tech, which is not very good. I think it's a brazillian company.

    Also, temps are normal 60-70 over full capacity.
  4. Does your friend have the same card as you?

    You could try your card in his system to see how it performs and vice versa.

    If your card performs fine in his system, we can rule out your GPU, but if it is slow in his PC too, it is a problem with your GPU.
  5. Ok. He doesn't have the same card, he has a 5xxx but not as good as mine. What if it's a GPU related problem, is anything that I can do?
  6. There isn't a lot you can do if your GPU is dying.

    If it is still under warranty, you can RMA the card. Otherwise, it may be time to upgrade if your card is on the way out.

    But test your card first in your friend's PC first to see if there is some other problem with your system.
  7. Ok, will post here again when I got the results ( 2 or 3 days I guess)

    Thanks for now blade!
  8. Sounds good!

    Once you have done that, we can help you narrow down the problem further.

    When you are together with your friend, also try his GPU in your PC to see how that performs as well.
  9. Ok, if my GPU runs well on his PC I will try other combinations to find which hardware is it.

    Will come back here as soon as I got more information!
  10. Alrighty,

    Good Luck!
  11. Alrighty, report back with your findings!
  12. Didn't have time yet for changing parts, (will do this weekend). But it got a 50% better score on 3DMark after using some boost tools and disabling Anti Virus. Weird...
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    It is true , AMD drivers have poor support for prev gen cards . I have 2 cards , 8800gt and 4850 .

    Theoretically 4850 >> 8800gt . In many old games i have seen the diff. But when it comes to battlefield 3 , I get a lot of fps drops

    So it is either the poor driver optimization , or dice has poor support for amd cards .
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  15. will crysis 3 run on my hd 4890 video card
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