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Hello all,

I will be receiving my computer parts this week and I believe I can handle the hardware installation. What I'm not too familiar with is the installation of the OS (windows 7 ultimate) on the 128GB Samsung 830 SSD. I've read multiple threads that say I need to switch my hard drive to AHCI in BIOS and I've read others that say leave it be. What is the purpose of switching this? And what would be my best option? Also, does installation of Windows 7 just involve booting from the CD drive and installing it on my SSD that way after I change it to AHCI in BIOS? What exactly do I need to do in BIOS to change it to AHCI?

Lastly, before I install the OS on the SSD, what do I need to do as far as formatting/setting up partitions? The NewEgg video on how to install the OS on an SSD shows that I need to create a partition before I install the OS, but then again that video is over 2 years old. Not sure if things have changed since then.

Sorry for such noobie questions. This is my first build and I just don't want to mess anything up!
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  1. Sorry, I forgot to add the specs of my build.

    ASUS P8Z67 V-LX mobo
    8 GB kingston hyperX RAM
    Cooler master storm enforcer case
    LG Optical Drive
    MSI twin frozr iii HD 7850
    Corsair Hx650 PSU
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    One of the best tutorials for a new O/S installation on a SSD is found here:
    I recently went to a SSD myself and found it helpful to avoid pitfalls and to get the most efficiency out of the SSD installation. After you get down to where it says "The installation of Windows 7!", you need to click open his links to see the good stuff.

    A SSD doen't have to be 'formatted' because it doesn't involve tracks and sectors. But it does need to be prepped. And yes, AHCI mode is the preferred mode for SSDs. The tutorial gives you all the info and how to do it.
  3. Exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!
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  5. Thank for the link clutchc, I had lost that one and couldn't find it!
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