Db reading for XFX Radeon HD 6870 2 Gb?

Hi, i have the 2 gig version of this card, the one with the single fan and i'm planning to upgrade to either a 670 or 680. Does anyone know statistically how loud my card gets? I'd like to get the quietest 670 or 680 possible for my hackintosh :)
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  1. According to Tom's Hardware Graphics Chart:

    Since XFX is like the reference edition. The card will be around 47.6 Db at load.

    I've checked the 670 sound levels between a ASUS and Gigabyte:

    ASUS: 25 dB at load.
    Gigabyte: 32 dB at load (39 dB at load for Tom's Hardware).

    Hope that helps :)
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