Mini Tower Gaming Graphics help!

Hello everyone!

I recently got a mini tower and it has great everything except the gaming graphics, check out the link for my PC. I've been struggling to find a decent, low-profile graphics card, any help would be appreciated! Thanks

My PC:
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  1. You'll probably be able to do it with these cards, your computer has 1 PCI-E x16 slot and according to the pics the expansion slots on the back can be removed

    XFX 6670:

    EVGA GT 440:

    Hope that helps :)
  2. Which, in your opinion, is better for gaming overall?
  3. That PC only has a 220 watt Psu an at that size I don't think it can fit a Gpu of large size
  4. Yeah, I figured that my small computer wouldnt be able to fit that great of cards. Would the GT 640 fit?
  5. Serious guys, I've looked at the cards. How could it not fit?
  6. They are already low profile, if you took the fan out then it would just get hot.
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    Neither of those cards are going to fit fantastik250

    Low profile:

    Single slot:

    Here is a really good low profile card:
  8. +1 to the above 4 posts.
  9. Deemo13 said:

    After reading reviews for that card it seems like a few people had my exact computer and it works amazingly, Thanks a bunch!
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