Pentium G2130 vs i3 2120

Should i upgrade to pentium g2130(will be released soon),is it faster,slower or same speed?i will still upgrade if same speed because i need to use ivy bridge(dont ask me why)
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    It's slower as it doesn't have hyperthreading
  2. darth pravus said:
    It's slower as it doesn't have hyperthreading

    I disable hyperthreading
  3. Giggitygoebbels... let me guess... you are making Youtube videos of Downfall parodies! :P

    I myself have an i3-2100. Recently I've been offered a price-tag to sell the CPU (along with mobo and RAM) for the same price I bought them! So I myself am wondering what I should upgrade to.

    If you are indeed making videos, you might want to consider the FX-6300, good at video-rendering, nowhere near as expensive as an i5-3570K, does the job fine.
  4. Quote:
    You should probably go with phenom instead of an fx cpu. no reason to go fx instead of phenom. with an overclock on a hyper 212, its the best cpu to get at the ~$100-150 price range.

    Valid point, a six-core Phenom is still better than the current FX-6xxx series. I would go with one myself, only they have long disappeared where I am and I cant find them again.
  5. Giggitygoebbels said:
    I disable hyperthreading

    Why would you disable hyperthreadeing?
    It makes your CPU SO MUCH BETTER.
    If for whatever pointless reason you're not going to use hyperthreadeing then the G2130 would be faster.

    BUT if you're working on video's both of these CPU's are terrible choices.
    Ideally you should look for a FX 8320.

    If you can't afford it, go for a Phenom II 965

    Both of these CPU's are FAR superior to the Intel's you mentioned in video editing
  6. Seriously use hyperthreading
  7. Here is a nice piece that goes into the hyper-threading and if it helps, hurts or does nothing on a gaming system
  8. IntelEnthusiast said:
    Here is a nice piece that goes into the hyper-threading and if it helps, hurts or does nothing on a gaming system

    Great thread, I remember reading through all that. Should be put as a sticky here on the forum.
  9. Not a great thread at all...that's an i7 4 core iwth HT, this is a dual core where HT is more useful for gaming...
  10. Since the i7 is already a quad then you wouldn't gain anything unless the game is coded to use more than 4 cores.

    Since you only have a dual core HT is helping you proc to get the most out of what it has in emulating a quad.
  11. I disable hyperthreading as it is my home server and it overheats after turning it on for like 3 days or so,and i disable ht still quite hot.i never record the temps but its just bad,i used my hand to touch the casing and its just very hot.i can go with a Xeon E3-1220LV2 but i need a new mobo for that,and i dont want to spend much for just a home server you know...
  12. Also i dont do gaming so yeah.
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