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Hi, I have recently built a computer and am having trouble with it. It seems to be that the MOBO isn't really responding to anything. The blue LED on my comp(near start up button) blinks once and turns off. The fans do not spin and in order to make the light flash again I have to unplug PSU and wiggle the power switch cable that plugs into MOBO... My mother board is currently a Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3 my case is and Azza Helios 910 and my PSU is an 550W corsair. I just need help troubleshooting to see what the problem may be...
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    Have you checked to make sure that all of your power cables, particularly the two that go into the MOBO, are fully-seated? It sounds like your MOBO isn't getting power.
  2. Well The ATX 12v cable from the psu has 2 parts but the MOBO has only one
  3. And the other ATX appears to be in all the way any ways to check to make sure there in all the way
  4. Is the 12v connector 20 or 24-pin?
  5. What do you mean
  6. The plug in the motherboard for power. Is it 20 or 24 pins?
  7. Would I find that in the manual
  8. Check your motherboard.
  9. 24 for main Power conecter
  10. Ok thanks for telling me. Since you mentioned it has 2 parts, I will assume it has a 20 pin and a 4 pin. Connect all of them to the main power connector.
  11. It's both it has 2 parts one to make 24 one to make 20
  12. Yes, connect both to make 24.
  13. The 12v ATX has Has only 4 pins available and I have and 2 four pin that you can connect together
  14. That is not the connector I am talking about. There is a main power connector and supplementary power. How many pins is the main one?
  15. Get a proper gun. Joke joke...
  16. Haha found out problem... Used the wrong ******* screws on MOBO and fried the PSU so should I attempt to put the right screws in and attach new PSU
  18. the mb will controller that fan muhahahaha!!!!!!
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