2 Networks on 1 PC


I'm trying to set up the following on Windows 8 Pro but for some reason it's not working, probably something stupid I've done / not done.

Network 1 - Internet + LAN
IP =
Subnet =
Gateway =

Network 2 - Connection to local devices (no internet or servers)
IP =
Subnet =
Gateway =

Network 1 is working fine, network 2 I cannot ping the devices.
If i put the Network 2 settings in network 1 then I can ping the devices

No traffic is needed between the two networks
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  1. how are you connecting the two lans to the pc? it sounds like you only have 1 nic.
  2. Sorry, I should have said.

    I have two network cards, one in-built (which is the one which works) and a PCi one which I added.
    Both show as connected however I cannot get both to work.
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