Repaired pc starts up, goes into windows and then screen goes black after 30 sec

I have a pc that has just come back from shop after being out of action after a lightening surge 2 years ago. Yes it took me a while. They replaced the CMOS battery, installed new ram (only 1 gig as machine is 8 years old or so), and a new cd drive. Also had to take out the usb ports attached to motherboard (as these didn't work) and installed new ones where the firewire ports were. As it happens - all ok in the shop. Take it home to start and it starts up fine. Goes into windows and onto desktop page, then after 30 sec or so the screen goes blank. Then nothing. I unplug everything, open up the box and put the the ram card back in again, in case it's loose. Start up again and nothing different. I have discovered that if I press the sleep button on my keyboard, i can go back to login screen and I then get another 30 seconds or so, before screen goes black again. Any suggestions to try at home?
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  1. OMG>>>>i think..wer d same problem about my laptop dv2500...wen im push d laptop is open and d logo is displayd..but after 30 second or 1 screen display go into black screen but d laptop is try to used xternal monitor, its working,,til decided to replace d inverter,,but until screen is my big problem..pls,,,i need help to fix my laptops error...plsssssss!!!!!!
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