Is cheap memory good??

Currently, I am looking to buy new memory for my new ibook. I also wondered this the last time I was buying memory for my desktop PC, but I never found out the real answer. Is the cheapest memory you can find just as good as any other memory? Is the more expensive kind really any better, or is it just expensive for the brand name? For example, I can find 256MB of ibook memory at for $200, while I can get that much memory searching on PriceWatch for only about $45. Is all memory pretty much the same? or could I count on the memory I would buy from the site I found on pricewatch to break down?

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  1. Memory is cheap now, that $45 should reflect the current price range albeit on the lower mark. It should be ok at the rated speed unless those people that are selling it are crooks.

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    PS: The very most, it's just $45.
  2. Brand Name memory is important for overclockers. Using CL2 instead of CL3 will also make a difference whether overclocking or not.
    Since your using it for a notebook, go ahead and get the no-name brand memory...there wouldn't be much difference.

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  3. Well, I think buying from a reliable dealer is important. If the price difference between Crucial and the brand you are considering is just a couple of bucks, then why not go with Crucial...they are reliable, prompt and offer a lifetime warranty.

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  4. It depend on how lucky you are. One of my friend use generic RAM and never have any problem with them but another friend's RAM died in a few month.
  5. i've been using generic ram for 2 years now since i built this computer. up to almost a gig now (896mb) i've gone, i've changed bios settings for the ram, works great. if the price between a name brand or generic are comparible, i'd say go for the name brand. but i don't see any harm with using generic brand and i have never seen a dealer that didn't offer a lifetime warranty on their ram, at least repitable dealers.
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