New Cpu Please

Hello im Looking too upgrade my CPU below for gaming/general work use. Im not interested to go intel, as im perfectly happy with the performance of the entry level fx4100 at 4.4ghz for 70£.

FX4100 4.4GHZ artic 30 freezer
Mobo Asus m5a99x EVO 990x
16Gb 1600 Vengance ram
MSI 7870 Twin Frozr 2GB GDRR5
550W XfX pRo psu

22' HDTV via hdmi

Seems my fx4100 is limiting the potential of my 7870 in terms of fps

So would i gain about 15-30fps more with the new FX 8350 OC'd?

I play games like far cry3, AC3, Hitman, Blak OPS, bf3 and Mainly world of warcraft.

Im not interested in intel, so please dont reccommend.

Thanks if anyone can give some contructive input
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  1. You will probably get a very slight FPS increase as your CPU isn't really limiting the performance of your graphics card.

    But if you still want a better CPU, go for the FX 8320 and overclock.
  2. Well first off I would like put a bullet on the forehead of your opinions. And I will show you very shortly why that is.

    Piledrivers is around 10-15% than the old bad bulldozer architecture which you are using now.

    Intel makes the best CPUs and you might be "happy" with AMD, but as we're speaking right now then Intel beats AMD in almost every way. The power consumption by the FX series is TERRIBLE and the performance is TERRIBLE compared to the power consumption.

    It will give better results getting a FX-8350, way better in fact. Because right now you actually don't even got a true quad-core CPU. FX 8350 isn't either a true octa-core CPU, but enough talk. Let me show you the statistics.


    Power consumption

    Intel beats AMD, it's unarguable.

    i5-3570k comes at about the same Price as FX 8350 - Keep that in mind
  3. What makes you think you are CPU limited?

    That is usually only the case at low resolutions. But you have a decent GPU (much better than mine.)

    For Gaming its all about the GPU.
  4. you wont see a big jump in fps unless you already have the best gpu's on the market.

    were talking 15-30 fps in max ranges of +100 fps setting/setups at 1080p+ rez.
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