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I am currently working at a store for consumer electronic. Here I repair computer software faults.
Today I got a new laptop in, LG E500. I need to run recovery on this laptop but I am not able to enter the recovery menu.
So I figured I had to boot from a windows CD. I then burned the correct version of Windows Vista 32bit.
Placed the cd in the cdrom and tried to boot from it by either changing the order of devices to boot and tried to manually choose to boot from it by pressing "F11" which is this laptop's default boot menu selection key. Neither worked. I then tried to use an external usb cdrom, this did not work either. BIOS settings seem to be correct, iv'e done this many times but now I am stuck.

Appreciate any help with this problem, and please ask for any other info that I have let out.

Regards, Thomas-
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  1. Umm when you turn the laptop on look on the bottom of the screen for recovery menu instructions, in last laptop i did recovery to i had to press f12 to access it, it might be different for each manufacturer
  2. It is different for each manufacturer, but this menu does not appear on this laptop. The default key for recovery should be "F11" for this computer, but that is the key assigned for boot device manager. When I turn the laptop on I get 3 options: "F2 for BIOS, F11 for Boot device manager, F12 for LAN Boot device manager" I believe this laptop does not come with recovery manager, and therefore needs to be restored with a windows cd by booting from it. So my question is, are the any other methods to boot from then the ones I have mentioned?
  3. you can extract the cd and make a bootable usb if your mobo supports it. its actually quicker than a cd. from what i suspect is either the cd is not bootable which means it was burned wrong or the disk drive is broken or is a cd drive. had that one piss me off and later saw it was only a cd drive haha
  4. I only have the .iso file, how do I extract that?
    Edit: Downloading Daemon Tools, extracting there and mounting etc etc. Thanks man, hope this works!
  5. Didn't work, any other suggestions?
  6. I have also tried with DVD-R and DVD+R.
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