Building Gaming Computer! Need help!

So, i will build my new own computer in November. I will buy parts from and i'm asking you, if all this is going to be OK :bounce:

OC: no
SLI / CrossFire: no
Liquid cooling: no
Processor: AMD
RAM: Corsair or (optional) G.Skill - 16GB is last decision :D
SSD: yes

So, here are the parts (don't worry about the prices!):

CPU: I'm waiting for new FX-8350 - DO NOT DO ADVERTISEMENT FOR INTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :non:
RAM: - can't find at
SSD: - 128GB
FAN (2×): - What is 3 pin to 4 pin Y Cable (its included for this fan)
HARD DISK: from current pc - 500GB

Please response if will this work even, do i need to buy old amd cpu that is compatibile with this mobo to download last bios...
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  1. no idea why you would buy fx. if you are a amd fanboy, id suggest you get a phenom ii x4 965 BE instead. it performs better. even more so, i dont see the point of not overclocking a fx chip. nevertheless, get the phenom ii. piledriver wont come out this year

    for the motherboard, id get the 990xa ud3 but the one you picked should be fine'

    for the graphics card, id prefer the xfx double dissipation 7950 but sapphire is still ok

    for the SSD, id get the crucial m4 or the samsung 830. from what i heard, ocz was having some bios problems. otherwise, the vertex 4 is fast

    for the psu, id at least get a 650w. nice ones are the xfx units, corsair, seasonic, pc and power cooling, and some antec units

    for the case, id get a antec 302, 300. a corsair carbide 400R would also be nice. if you have fractal in your country, you can get the core 3000
  2. no i'm not amd fanboy :D fx is pretty good for me. then i will not overclock do any sli/crossfire so i probaly don't need better motherboard. i will check the 7950 from xfx, ssd is good you say and i may check if there are any problems. you don't need 650W PSU for all this. why are you all calculations so high. 550 is enough for my components.
  3. or should i go for this (15€ difference - probaly 10-11$):
    it seems to be super mobo, what do you think. it already have updated bios for fx (that's good, not buying another already supported amd processor), and this looks very nice too:
    all this ports are for me. but i don't like audio ports on first look but if you imagine how is that when is finished is brilliant because is more space :))
  4. :bounce: i think i will go with asrock mobo. only thing is that is black and my graphics card is blue :bounce:
  5. GPU: I will take Sapphire version.
    SSD: Vertex 4.
    PSU: 650W is really a overkill for this. 550W is enough, but I stick with 580W.
    CASE: Still the same.
  6. what is that Y cable included, maybe 3 pin to 2×4 pin or other way around?
    and i think gpu is black colored:
  7. given how much power fx uses normally, a 650w is safe. 550w works fine as well but no tweaking room.

    get phenom ii. they are faster than fx in nearly everything
  8. you know what, i don't "believe" benchmarks and nearly anything. it's the new technology why would they make after so many years a processor that is slower then older cpu's.
  9. i want a actual gameplay, do you understand me? not some crazy benchamarks. i will not buy other cpu/gpu or whatever else if they have better benchmarks results.
    i want actual gameplay, video editing, all this stuff but no benchmarks. you know what's weird? in benchmarks i5 2500k is better but at gameplay 8150 outperform 2500(k).
  10. whoops i sayed i will buy 8350. so again better performance, new technology and less power consumption.
  11. ok then if you dont believe every review site out there. i dont see anything regarding a fx 8150 beating a i5 2500k in games. the only thing i ever saw was a fx 8150 nearing or beating a 2600k in highly threaded applications but then tanking behind a i3 2120 in regular workloads. and how the heck do you prove yourself without benchmarks? most people cant see the difference between 40 and 45fps

    the 8350 isnt out yet nor by the end of this year. more like q1 2013. nobody reviewed the piledriver cores just yet (other than the trinity stuff which is pretty decent). you will see scores that are about as good as sandy bridge i5s. i might actually buy one if the results are good and the price is reasonable

    new technology doesnt necessarily mean that the chip performs better. (ex. a pentium 4 was beaten by a amd chip even though it was clocked much slower)
  12. i know about trinity and i'm just saying that benchmarks are just tests aplications (or in-game benchmark) but i'm much more interested in actual gameplay. and i hope that PD will be out in november.
  13. you wont see the difference between a i5 3570k and a fx8150 most of the time. in situations when you are using a crappy card to get 30fps on a i5 3570k, you will get 20fps with a fx chip. thats when you tell the difference

    i highly doubt the will release Piledriver given how long amd took to release bulldozer chips.
  14. Real-world benchmarks are the only good source of gauging how good hardware is. How else do you think people come up with conclusions? You are contradicting every one out there then.
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