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I have a problem, and whatever I try, I cannot figure this one out.
My system:
I5-2500 4x3.30GHz CPU
16gb 1333MHz DDR3
ASUS P8H67 rev.3 motherboard
NVidia GeForce TTS 450
3x3TB Seagate Barracuda HDD 64mb 7200RPM
1x2.5TB Western Digital Green Caviar 64mb 7200RPM
1x250GB Western Digital 32mb 7200RPM
1x LG DVD GH20NS10
TechSolo Multi-Card Reader
700W OCZ ModXtreme Pro power-supply
CoolerMaster 3-Fan Server Case

Dual Monitors
BenQ G2400W monitor (Prime)
Samsung SyncMaster 2253bw Monitor (Secondary)

Microsoft Trackball ITE 78CJ
Mitsumi KFK-EA4SA US 102-Key Keyboard

External Storage:
WD 600GB External HDD

OKI C3200 LED-Laserprinter

My problem:
Losing HDD (simply no more found, by either BIOS as Windows, worked for 2!!!! weeks)
Loss Partition: these simply vanish after writing to them, they can be read from, for long periods. HHD checks (Windows, Tune Up Utilities 2012 fully updated, Norton HDD Doctor) find no problem. Reapear after reboot.
BSOD's (CPU Faulty Overclock (albeit I do NOT overclock, EVER???), Memory Failure in Windows (diverse checks from bootdisk: no error found, despite heavy testing over multiple passes: all passes checked perfect), HDD I/O Error.

Solutions tried: swapping HDD's to alternate busses, HDD alternate power plugs used, multiple thourough checks (as per said afore) on both mem and HDD's, new Windows installation, different Windows installation (Win 8 preview), problems are persisting.

In 4 weeks I had to swap out the Seagate HDD's multiple times, all keep either dying or are simply not found.
1 HDD is never swapped out, and works bloody well.
! thing I cannot figure out: when I write a large file to a new 3TB HDD, I get speeds which baffle me.
Once I had a 24GB file over under 3 seconds!!!!
I am NOT kidding you!

My thought: severe bus error tearing my system apart (motherboard HDD Bus error).
However, I also fear my 700W PSU OCz simply can't take the heat, is this possible?

Thank you beforehand:

PS: question:
Lately, over the last 5 years, I had seemingly bad luck with HDD's. However, a friend who owns a PC shop (and who's ALSO baffled by my problems) told me, that he noticed a severe increase in HDD problems over the later years. Where the 3TB Seagates can run for 2000 to 3000 hours, I have a 23 year old 40MB HDD that still runs. Is this a fact, that the overall quality has dropped like 300% over all the years, especially the latter 5? Merely curious....

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  1. Sounds like a motherboard issue to me...
  2. +1 Motherboard, due the varied hardware issues .
  3. Thank you kindly. :)
    I'll be swapping the motherboard out today then.

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