White spots in pc case

Hey everyone. I decided to clean out the dust in my cm haf922 case and I noticed white dots on the aluminum parts of my bays. I have no idea what they are and I'm sure it's not drinks or and type of liquid that went in there. No where on my mother board or components. Just on the aluminum parts of my bays. Any ideas.
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  1. unpainted metal?
  2. Yes its unpainted in the inside.
  3. mold or fungus. clean with alcohol.
  4. How is that possible lol. It's sitting on my desk. Plus I have cover on it too keep dust out. So weird
  5. mold can form with dust and humidity. use alchohol to clean it out ;).
  6. Ok will try with alcohol wipes. Thank you
  7. just dont but too much to blow up ur pc ;d

    joke, yeah it should be fine midly put some alcohol on a micro cloth or wipes work also.
  8. Down here in Texas mould, fungus and mildew get in everywhere. If you live in a humid climate you can expect it....
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