Is AMD's FX 8350 considered has a one single physical cpu?

I am buying a new system.

For buying the PSU, i used the PSU calculator,which asks, "is it a single or dual or triple physical cpu?"
i decided to buy the AMD's FX 8350 which has eight cores.
So i dont know whether is it a single or dual or triple physical cpu.......:(

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    If you have ONE FX8350 then you have a single physical CPU.
  2. Yes, it is one single physical processor. That question was for server Motherboards that have multiple CPU sockets.
  3. 1 Physical CPU with 8 cores.
  4. Thank you guys .
  5. The only way to get a motherboard that will handle more then physical CPU is to get a server motherboard. For AMD the CPUs would be called Opterons.
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