Should I change my E3-1245 V2 for an i7-3770k?

I know this thread is kinda stupid but my rig has an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe mainboard and a GTX 690. About the CPU, at first I want a high-end (mainly for playing games) rig that can max out any gaming settings. So I choose the i7-3770k, but one of my friends advised that I should go for the E3-1245 V2 because it is nearly the same as the i7-3770k without overclocking (I has no knowledge about the Xeon series at that time) So I bought the thing home. Been using it for 3 weeks and googled much information and I heard that the Xeon are no-go for gaming. So I ask you guys, should I sell the E3-1245 V2 and buy the i7-3770k? Thanks for your answer. :)
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  1. Well, a Xeon is fine for games, it just means that an 8-core xeon won't be any better then an i5-3570k in games.

    The chip you choose it basically an i7-3770, reflashed as a xeon.
  2. Yes, you are running a chip comparable to the 3770. I game on the 1245v2 all of the time and it works great. Its not designed for gaming per se, but again, its just like the 3770, just cheaper. I say keep the Xeon unless you plan on overclocking. If you do, then the 3570K is the chip to go for.
  3. Xeon can have drastically lower scores then there mainstream counterparts. I never understood this my self but it seems construction of Xeon have both a limiting factor and a bonus. Research around for your self because each person gets different vibes from them.
  4. Meh, I would wait, Next Generation CPU's are around the corner.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate them all. Guess I'll stick with the Xeon.
    Just some more questions. So does the Xeon perform the same as the i7 without overclocking in gaming? Is there any "less framerates-per-second" or something like that? To be honest I'm planning on playing games like Crysis 3 and Rome II Total War at max settings next year in 1920x1080 resolution. Just can't resist those eye-sex :p
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