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Hi, I am unable to run some high end games like max payne, GTA San, Burn out paradise etc. on my PC. So I think a Graphic card would survive my purpose. Can you pls suggest which Graphic card is best suitable for my PC....

Mother board : GM61PME-SP2 (Gigabyte)
RAM : Transend 2GB
Processor : AMD Athelon 5400+

Pls suggest the cards that would not exceed Rs.5000 INR (100$).
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  1. Well, unfortunately, your whole system is pretty unsuitable for the games you have listed.

    A GPU upgrade would not be particularly useful as you would be severely bottlenecked by your CPU and 2GB of RAM.

    We also need info about your PSU.
  2. Your CPU is dual core so a basic graphics card should let you play most games on low settings and resolution I suggest a AMD Radeon 6670 or Nvidia GTX 440 another 2Gb of RAM will help to. Don't expect to much though a new system is what you really need.
  3. You left out a bunch of info needed to pick a video card.
    Read this and add info
  4. Thanks a lot for ur suggestion(s)....
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